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  Marine services
We are competitive and committed, in providing integrated and quality services, products and solutions to all of our valued customers wherever and whenever they require it. Our range of services includes the following.
  Fire & Gas Detection Systems
  Installation, servicing and calibration of WBT, Pump room and Accommodation area Gas detection systems and alarms.  
  Pump room and accommodation area visual/audio alarms  
  Repairing of conventional and addressable type fire alarms  
  Marine Boiler
  Burner controls  
  Drum level controls  
  Smoke detectors  
  Flame failure and safety shut down  
  Pollution Prevention
  Repairing, Retrofitting, commissioning and calibration of ODME systems  
  Testing and calibration of 15 ppm Oil water separator systems  
  Bilge level controls  
  Incinerator installation and repairing  
  Generators & switch boards
  Testing of Circuit breakers  
  Installation and repairing of Motor starter panels and interlocks  
  Custom designed starter /control panels  
  Trouble shooting of generators and control circuits  
  Testing /repairing of AVR Load sharing and auto paralleling  
  Synchronizing and Paralleling controls of generators  
  Emergency generator Auto start systems  
  Main Engine & Generator prime movers
  Repair and testing of main engine start/stop pneumatic control systems  
  Troubleshooting and installation of engine safety interlocks  
  Remote Monitoring and Remote start/stop of Aux: engines  
  Local /Remote control change over panels  
  Engine rpm and Alarm monitoring with shutdown controls  
  Propulsion systems
  Troubleshooting and repairing of  
  CPP systems and feedback controls  
  Bow thruster controls  
  Stern thrusters  
  Pneumatic and electronic control systems and devices  
  Loop checking and calibration of Flow, pressure and level transmitters  
  Installation and repairing of Pneumatic/electronic control systems  
  Installation and servicing of pneumatic valve positioners  
  Service &testing of AUS in pump room  
  Installation and servicing of chart recorders  
  Modification or upgrading of existing control systems
  Water ingress and level alarms  
  Installation and Repairing of  
  Water ingress alarm system  
  Bilge level control and alarm systems  
  service and calibration of UTI and MMC tapes  
  Service and calibration of portable gas detectors  
  Service and calibration of Alcohol breath analyzers  
  Calibration of pneumatic and electronic transmitters  
  Calibration of pressure switches  
  OSM specialized services
  Electrical Installation, Repairs & Maintenance works  
  Mechanical Repairs  
  Electronic Equipment Installation, Repairs & Maintenance works  
  Installation and Trouble Shooting of electrical equipment in vessels.  
  Maintenance and installation of panels / motor starters.  
  Hydraulic steering system repairs/servicing.  
  Fuel leakage monitoring system installation and commissioning.  
  DC anchor windlass Installation and Commissioning.  
  Marine blowers design / installation and commissioning.  
  Marine wipers, horns, Public Address systems, intercom system,  
  Generator installation / commissioning.  
  Bilge alarm system, seawater condenser cleaning and scale removing, evaporator cleaning and servicing. A/c system Trouble Shooting.  
  Navigation lights installation & repairs, panel installation, VHF.  
  Battery chargers, Battery installation and repairing.  
  Engine/ generator starter motor repairing.  
  Installation of Echo sounder and commissioning.  
  Wind gauge installation (commissioning/ repairing)  
  Fuel/Water sensors-gauges installation / repairing.  
  Bow and Stern Thrusters Installation & Repair  
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