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We have an entire range of spares and systems which you need. Please send an enquiry about your requirement, so that we can supply you with an exact replacement or a substitute which best suits your application.
  Navigation light panel  
  Telephone exchange  
  PA system  
  Hi fill alarm  
  Bilge control systems  
  Current monitoring unit  
  rpm indicators  
  Alarm announciator  
  DC dimmer/power control  
  Deck speaker for boats  
  Rudder angle indicators  
  Strobe light for inspection  
  Non contact rpm meter  
  Bridge wings sound reception system(stereo)  
  Engine room personnel communicator  
  4-20 mA trip relay (two level)  
  Motorized search light  
Boat & Yacht solutions
A complete range of Electrical and electronic control and monitoring solution from Philippi. Proven and time tested German Technology.
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